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An Open Letter To Aquarius For March 2021

By:Guy Doleman
Date: Mon,22 Feb 2021
Submitter:Guy Doleman

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An Open Letter To Aquarius For March 2021

Dear Aquarius,

Government lockdowns have imposed huge challenges to the ingenuity of parents, grandparents, medical personnel, caregivers, essential workers and business people around the globe. Perhaps I am right to speculate that only monks, nuns and billionaires stood any chance of surviving Coronavirus unscathed. But what of the rest of us? What was the impact of these Draconian restrictions placed upon the Aquarius born? Very few people value their freedom and autonomy more than Aquarius. Consequently, I can only assume it was a struggle to cope with all the extra rules and regulations imposed upon you by those faceless bureaucrats. But, if anyone can turn this dreadful situation on it's head it's you; my imaginative and indomitable Aquarian friend. With that empowering and inspirational thought in mind let's turn our thoughts to the month ahead.

Week One:
Your relationships are important this week. You will experience an intense desire to please other people and your abundant charisma will charm the socks off all those who are lucky enough to meet you. Additionally, your growing self-confidence will encourage you to take the initiative in romantic activities. In fact you desire nothing more than to make new friends, consequently, this a good time to look for romance online. Aquarians hate to come second and when it comes to the game of love you are in it to win it. But have no fear because very few people will be able to resist your charms. You are in winning form. So it's over to you to make the best of things. Have some fun because you really deserve it. I know a lot of my Aquarian friends have been through the mill recently.

As I have said many times before: most Aquarians are gifted in some way. Therefore, even if you've never considered this before, I'd like you to be become more creative. Why not throw caution to the wind and give something artistic a go? Try your hand at painting a picture, or, drawing your favourite pet. Furthermore, writing a poem to vividly express your innermost thoughts and feelings could be very therapeutic for you. Indeed, such an undertaking might exorcize an unexpressed anguish, or, pay homage to a dear one who has sadly passed over. Just think about it. That's all I ask. Additionally, consider exploring the world of alternative remedies in a praiseworthy attempt to restore your inner balance and enhance your spiritual equilibrium. However, if any of the above suggestions don't float your boat, take the easy option and listen to some relaxing music. This may help you find a release from your anxiety and tension. Anything's worth a try. Wouldn't you agree?

Career matters are pressing issues for many Aquarius at the moment. If you are looking for a change of direction — either by choice or under duress — seek an occupation which will bestow recognition upon you. Aquarius is about caring and sharing, so chose a job into which can pour your heart and soul. You have an innate ability to relate to people. You are a “people-person”, although, paradoxically, you can sometimes find one-to-one relationships hard to form. Furthermore, you are currently experiencing a strong desire to reach out to people. Perhaps you want to renew contact with an old friend because you want to feel loved and appreciated again. Ironically, in order to go forwards you first need to go back. Perhaps a current romance is — sadly — failing to live up to your expectations. Suppressing up your emotions is not a long term solution because when the dam breaks you may respond in a totally uncharacteristic way. Chose a safe option to protect yourself and those you love.

Happy Aquarius will manifest astral alignments that stimulate your increased vitality, self-confidence and will power. You become increasingly driven to achieve personal goals and objectives. In fact, you are going to develop a leadership role for yourself in many spheres of activity. For example: if you are a musician playing in a rock band you will assert yourself and ultimately take artistic control. Alternatively, if you are a Hair and Beauty Professionals you may change salons or rent a chair in salons where you are permitted to stamp your individuality upon unfolding events and develop your own brand image. Additionally, Sun and Venus energies indicate you experience a happier, friendlier, more optimistic outlook on life. This, in turn, encourages you to plan for the future. Increased “inner-happiness” or financial success makes you more accommodating toward children. More than ever you desire to carve out a niche in which to thrive and do your own thing.

Out of the blue an illusive stroke of innate genius may reveal itself. In a sudden flash of insight and enlightenment you see your future more clearly. Consequently, you begin to enliven your life by initiating thrilling changes into your daily routine. Many of my wonderful Aquarian friends are going to have something to get really excited about. I hope you are one of them. Unanticipated transformations may follow on the heels of someone sidling up to you at a social event and whisper something outlandish in your ear. Perhaps you are up for an adventure, but whatever you do, don't throw caution to the wind. Put your own personal safety first.

Your privacy is a commodity to be cherished and protected this week. Is someone showing an intrusive interest in you at work or play? It might be a good idea to examine your waste-basket. Please ensure that you haven't discarded something with your personal details written on it. Better still: invest in a shredder.

Other Aquarian readers may become conscious that something illusive or deeply personal is getting them down or playing on their mind. As a result you turn to someone you trust for advice or emotional support. Moreover, some revealing transformations stimulate the passionate side of your personality which is currently crying out for satisfaction. That sentence may resonate powerfully with those Aquarians unfortunate enough to be surrounded on all sides by self-obsessed individuals intent only on satisfying their own pleasure needs. Aquarians left standing outside in the cold might feel inclined to plot their revenge. With a sense of deep regret some dissatisfied Aquarians may take the appropriate action to rectify the current state of their sex lives.

Week Two:
This week might be characterized by erratic fluctuations in your financial affairs. Dramatic and unexpected financial gains and losses might follow in quick succession. But if it's not your pocket that is the focus of sudden changes, then transformations in your personal values, or, attitude towards money and material goods might be experienced. Indeed, the stars suggest you may become more detached towards money and material goods. This could in turn manifest in radical changes in the methods employed to make money or gain material possessions. I think you are going to elevate service to humankind above selfish acquisition. This could be the dawn of a more spiritual you.

However, there are many Aquarians with family commitments and large mortgages who must therefore forego spiritual progress in order to put food on the table. Aquarius in this category will implement realignments and transformations in their social activities. Indeed, many will spend more of their disposable income on groups, friends and organizations which attract their curiosity and interest. In fact, you may implement a new business strategy which generates an income through your involvement in the above. If you are good with electronic and technological innovations things change radically for you. This is potentially a great time for innovations that impact upon your business and financial affairs. But two potential problems hover on the horizon: complications and confusion at an ATM cash point or your innate tendency to indulge in impulsive and erratic spending.

Neptune's influence may stimulate your clairvoyant and intuitive faculties. Moreover, you may be inspired to act on the guidance received from Spirit. Neptune's influence will stimulate your interest in mysticism, religion, psychology, meditation, Tarot cards or other spiritual practices. Indeed, a mystical meeting might inform your mind and shape your actions this week. Moreover, a number of my Aquarian reader may choose to conduct their romantic activities in secret. An avalanche of confidential texts will be exchanged in order to arrange flirtatious assignations in out of the way locations.

Interestingly, influential business people negotiating huge contracts will do well not to mix business with pleasure because industrial espionage; honey-traps or unethical financial inducements might otherwise subvert your attention. In short: keep your eye on the ball. Do you get my drift?

Returning to matters of the heart. Your love-life might change up a gear as two individuals begin to compete for your attention. In fact there seems to be a pronounced lack of direction this week. You might drift like a rudderless boat on the tide of life. Additionally, you might absent-mindedly to do a few silly little things like losing your way while driving or mislay your keys. However, if you do have a legitimate date this week, then expect the unexpected. Keep your eyes peeled for a friend or workmate who has their naivety exploited during this period of time. Do the right thing and stand prepared to offer assistance when they are deceived; stood-up or slandered in public.

Pluto's influence might encourage you to investigate your own past lives; explore a haunted house or study other paranormal phenomena. Regrettably, a number of Aquarians may have some bad dreams which remind of them of a disturbing childhood encounter. Indeed, this could be a week for uncovering secrets, or, having to listen while someone close divulges details of trauma they endured many years ago. This could be a penetrating insight into someone's psyche which you don't want to experience again. Warning: a minority of Aquarians may become embroiled in secret sexual encounters, or, engage in an undercover power struggle with a former business partner and lover. Moreover, this is an inappropriate juncture to involve yourself in potentially harmful occult practices. In extreme circumstance unwanted entities could manifest themselves in your environment.

Week Three:
Saturn square Uranus might impact your personal finances. Long term financial prospects are good. However, you won't escape a few initial obstacles or false starts. Nevertheless, your accomplishments — which are spread over a wide spectrum of activities — should remain sustainable in the long-term. Sadly, despite vigorous initial growth, your financial acumen will not be rewarded with overnight success. You've got to keep working at it. Circumstances will bring out the best in you. Indeed, the signs are that you will be very mature about this and accept that some reversals are almost inevitable. Instead of grumbling you'll gratefully remember the gifts Providence has already chosen to bestow upon you. What you have already received may enable you to cast aside your doubts and look toward the future with a smile on your face. And let's be honest — this is a good sign — because until recently you felt everything was getting on top of you.

Keep your eyes open because an item of old bric-a-brac might turn out to be a genuine antique worth significantly more than you thought. Happily, someone in authority might give you the recognition you deserve for the conscientious service you have render over the years. After the applause has died down you might receive promotion or a bonus. In addition, many of my younger Aquarian friends may receive a surprise gift from an elderly relative. Athletic Aquarians aiming to maintain their sporting prowess might decide to examine their dietary supplements in order to eliminate some slightly dubious items. Please don't be talked into doing anything shady which might damage your reputation. However, on the bright side: this week might prove extremely enjoyable for Aquarians longing for some stolen romantic moments when they can let your hair down without worrying about prying eyes, or, squeaky bed springs!!

Week Four:
A potentially excellent week that will be enjoyed by most Aquarians. You feel like you're walking on air as one day after another unfolds in blissful harmony. Things continue to get better and better. Indeed, someone new might join the family. Plans will be hurriedly made for a family celebration. Indeed, one or two of you might find yourselves planning a wedding or a christening at short notice. Other Aquarius may have reason to celebrate a reconciliation and receive a wonderful gift. House-proud individuals undertake a shopping trip with the intention of purchasing some luxury items to make their home fit for a princess.

Astral indicator suggest that other Aquarians will double-down on the more introverted side of their personality and make time for spiritual disciplines designed to raise their level of consciousness. Moreover, this could be an opportune period of time to take steps to eliminate some out of date ideas and attitudes. Saying “sorry” is perhaps the hardest thing to do. So instead you donate some of your treasured possessions to a younger individual just starting out on life's journey who needs a helping hand.

Romantic activities may bring you into contact with a member of the emergency services; someone who wears a military uniform or a bus driver. In the financial sphere of activities you might have to deal with matters related to shared bank account, the renewal of an insurance policy, or, meet your friendly income-tax man. A minority business Aquarians may have their daily affairs complicated by the intervention of a solicitor concerned about an inheritance or bequest. Talking of the world of commerce: one bright Aquarius spark will launch a business project related to refuse bins or recycling. “Where there's muck there's money!” As the say in Yorkshire.

Your home will be the venue for some magical family moments where loving Aunts and Uncles drool over baby photographs. Someone may suggest a whip round to enable the purchase of a child safety seat or first mobile phone. You will deal with the occasional problems with a practical approach and common-sense way. Gone are the days when you'd run round like a headless chicken. Not only are you older and wiser, but you have discovered how to get on better/tolerate your female in-laws. If you get a spare moment you might kick back and relax by doing a bit of reading up on subjects related to diet and hygiene. Finally, this week may be made memorable by emotionally stimulating interacts with members of a group you joined on social media. Out of the blue you get a surprise visit from a friend you made online. This individual will share with you some unusual or original ideas for a potential solution to your domestic problems. Will you be influenced by them? Will you move in with them, or, go it completely alone? It's all up to you 'cos the stars only impel, they do not compel.

Yours sincerely,

Guy Doleman: Astrologer

PS All dates are approximations.
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